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    as the title says. My car seats are in a really bad condish so has anyone ever trieed any products or have any ideas on how to restore them.?
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    I have an 04 TSX and the seat is stuck in the down position and wont come back up. I took it to the dealership today and they stated that Power Seat Reclining Motor may need to be replaced. Any suggestions, experiences, DIY? Please advise.
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    STOCK SPRINGS STOCK STRUTS/SHOCKS STOCK 2004 RIMS STOCK SIDE SKIRTS ALL STOCK SPEAKERS ALL STOCK SEATS I want to get rid of things in my garage so i can park my car in there for winter! also if anyone wants KONIG 18' RIMS with KUMHO tires.
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    I found a 1992 Acura NSX that I am interested in buying but the driver's seat is in really bad condition ... not just the usual wear but also a big rip/hole in the seam. Something tells me that I am not going to want to do just the damaged spots bc then the leather would not match the rest of...