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  1. 1st Gen - General Car Topics
    Hey i’m new to the page and was looking for some help on obtaining the part numbers for the 03-06 Accord Euro Headlight washers & Bumper sensors or if anyone has any for sale i’d be happy to purchase!!
  2. 1st Gen - General Car Topics
    2004 TSX MT, 51K miles. Was garaged for 8+ years. Running for 3 months now. New battery, plugs, tires, fluids, etc. Ran great for 2 months. One day started stalling, not starting. Had chassis ground wires 'cleaned.' Ran fine for a month, now same issue. No CEL's- what could this be? Sensors...
  3. Car Care / General Maintenance / DIY
    So i inspected the throttle cable today and it looks like it has some play. anyone wanna tell me if this is normal? does this cause my car to go into limp mode? I’ve changed my app sensor as well and it feels hesitant and slight loss of power randomly while driving over 70mph my speedometer...
  4. TSX Classifieds Archives
    I need another set of 4 sensors for my stock wheels.
1-4 of 4 Results