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  1. Front camber rear camber, injen intake, sold

    For Sale
    selling these parts off my car, skunk2 front camber kit with new adjustable ball joints still in the bag, wicked tuning rear camber kit with still good ball joints, Injen cold air intake, camber kit sold together is 260$ buyer pays shipping, intake is 150$, buyer pays shipping, PM me...
  2. Jason's 2005 5AT Build

    TSX Build Threads
    Hey Everyone, Here's my 2005 TSX 5AT. It was originally my wife's car but instead of trading it in, I inherited it. It has 215,000 miles and I drive it 100 miles a day to work. Mods: Engine: 2005 K24a2 Stock Block '06 TSX Intake Cam '09 Civic SI RBC 50* Intake Cam Skunk2 Pro Series Intake...
  3. OEM 2008 Acura TSX Stock front camber arms

    TSX Classifieds Archives
    Hey guys, I parted ways with my TSX, had the skunk2 arms when it was sold. I have my OEM 2008 front camber arm set available for sale. Asking $80, only have less than 40,000kms on them. Located in Toronto, ON.
  4. Catback (Vibrant or Skunk2)

    TSX Classifieds Archives
    hey guys, im looking to start modding the car more. looking for a full exhaust. i'm leaning towards a vibrant catback or a skunk2. i think the apexi and greddy are alittle to quiet. located in chicago, willing to trade stock..or pay shipping if your out of state. let me know what you guys...
  5. SKUNK 2 front camber kit ASAP

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    In need of a used skunk 2 camber kit asap!
  6. Skunk2 Front Camber Kit - Ingalls Rear

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    Thread can be closed.
  7. skunk 2 front camber kit $200

    TSX Classifieds Archives
    title says it all. pm me.
  8. Video of My Car

    1st Gen - Image Gallery
    Just made a video of my TSX, was trying to get some practice on doing video effects, so why not try one of my car. Let me know what you think, hopefully you like it! ACURA TSX/HONDA ACCORD EURO R - YouTube

    2nd Gen - Engine, ...
    so i got a 09 silver tsx and i really dont like the stock sound.... willing to spend 300-600 on a new exhaust/muffler. any idea?? been seeing a lot of magna flow muffler,, are they any good?
  10. Skunk2 Pro Series Vs. Hardrace Front Adjustable Upper Control Arm ??

    1st Gen - Suspension, ...
    So i'm trying to decide between Skunk2 Pro Series Front Camber Kit or the Hardrace Front Adjustable Upper Control Arm, price wise they are about the same, Skunk2 cost less but with shipping and taxes comes to about the same as Hardrace Spoon and Mugen Adjustable upper A-arms are nice but just...
  11. Exhaust Skunk2 / Evo2 / Borla & Progress RSB & Fog Light

    TSX Classifieds Archives
    I have an 08 (1st gen) TSX and I'm looking for (used/new): 1) Exhaust.. Either one of: a) Skunk2 b) Evo2 c) Borla - preferably this 2) Progress Rear Sway Bar 3) OEM Fog Lights (R or L, I need them all!) Thanks all!
  12. 2011 TSX Skunk2 Install

    2nd Gen - Engine, ...
    So recently got a new 2011 blk TSX so im in the Acura family now but sad to see such a low market for our cars but recently I put a new injen CAI and bought a 07-08 TSX Skunk2 Power Catback from heeltoe(awesome site) btw the told me about how it will be a pain in the butt to modify but just...
  13. SKUNK 2 UNMEET 2.0 this weekend 4/16/2011

    South West
    Skunk2 presents another unmeet, the opposite of what the modern-day car meet has become. Following our inaugural unmeet last September, Skunk2 is back with unmeet 2.0. There are enough serious meets, shows, and events to go around all year. Relax, leave the quick detailer at home, meet us at the...
  14. FS: TSX /TL /Accord - Skunk 2 Upper Control Arm Camber Kit BNIB

    Canada East
    FS: TSX /TL /Accord - Skunk 2 Upper Control Arm Camber Kit BNIB !!! SOLD mods please lock !!!!
  15. Skunk2 Exhaust 04-08 $$$ 450 $$$ OBO

    TSX Classifieds Archives
    Looking to sell my Skunk2 stainless catback exhaust. Its just been sitting in my garage. Was purchased and professionally installed from Heeltoe! Was on my car for less than 6 months. I live in the Corona/Riverside area and don't wanna deal with shipping so pickup only . $450 OBO. ( comes with...
  16. skunk2 lowering springs

    TSX Classifieds Archives
    i have skunk2 lowering springs for 1st gen tsx's. its a 2inch drop in the front and a 1.8 in the back. the springs are for an 03 accord and up but the tsx has the same suspenssion set up give me an offer the springs only had 2000 miles on them and are already broken in, comes with og box too