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  1. Spoon Sports Thermo Switch

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    BNIB is a Spoon Thermo Switch for K,B,H motors originally bought this for my k20z3 but compared to my old one switch, it wasnt gonna fit. It will fit the K24A2 found in the TSX tho. its Brand new still in the wrapper. "The Spoon thermo switch alters the cooling fan to start cooling at 80...
  2. *Update* Short Owned Part Out: J's Racing/Spoon Sports/Enkei Racing/Nardi/JDM Parts

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    Well I only owned my TSX for a year and a few months, but I decided to move on to a brand new car. I have a few things I might as well sell seeing that I can not transfer them over to the new ride or have use for them. Well enough of my jibber jabber, it's time to sell. 1. Used (1K on them)...
  3. Hello from Jacksonville FL

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    Hello everyone. I am somewhat new to the forums. I search threw it almost everyday for about a year now, but never made an account till tonight. I drive a 2005 Night Hawk Black with ebony interior and a 6 speed manual. I have only did a few things with the car so far, but plan on doing more...