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  1. WTB: 1st Gen WTB 1st Gen Spoon/Rep Trunk lip

    Want to Buy/Want to Trade
    Hello All, I'm looking to buy a trunk lip for my 2006 Tsx. I like the spoon one best but it is discontinued. I will entertain other trunk lips as well. Show me what you've got! Thanks DeepGreenPrl06
  2. Stiff Ring - Similar to Spoon Rigid Collars for Honda Accord CL9

    1st Gen - Suspension, ...
    Just installed Stiff Ring(Front and rear) , which is similar to Spoon Rigid Collars for $100 w/ 10% discount and $25 shipping from Malaysia to the US. It took my mechanic less than hour to install. I can't compare this to Spoon's Rigid Collar in terms of performance but the front and rear set...
  3. New to the TSX, seeking help with Mugen Gp setup

    1st Gen - Wheels, ...
    Hello i am looking into purchasing a 2007 acura tsx and i was wondering if a small big brake oit would be able to fit the Mugen Gp wheels? I am looking into spoon/wilwood/stoptech Any advice and info is highly appreciated! Thank you :)
  4. FS: For Sale: Authentic Spoon Bumper and Mugen Front Lip

    For Sale
    Hello again, I am selling my Authentic Spoon front bumper. Will work on TSX 04-08. I also have a Mugen Front Lip for an 04-05 TSX. No damage on either. Bumper: $1000 Front Lip: $550 Due to size, I cannot ship these items, however, if you live in So-Cal I may be willing to meet you in...
  5. Part Out: Feel's, Supercharger, K-Pro, T1R, JDM Parts, Gruppe-M, and more

    TSX Classifieds Archives
    [update 9/12/2016] Had to deal with life so didn't focus on selling the parts until now. Finally have some time free. I still got parts left and I know my inbox is full and I can't clear them anytime soon. I need those messages saved for my own information. interested buyers can email me...
  6. Finally got the SPOON calipers on my CL9 done.

    1st Gen - Image Gallery
    This is wedding car on Taiwan style in new year. few days pay a lot money for they!!!! look so sweet!!! 金型精密鋳造法で インベストメント鋳造(インベストメントちゅうぞう、英語: investment casting)とは、鋳造方法のひとつで、複雑な形状の製品を簡易に製造できる手法として用いられる。別名、ロストワックス鋳造 (Lost wax casting)。 SPOON MONOCOQUE CALIPER SET [製品番号]45020-MBR-G00...
  7. Spoon TSX/Euro R FS on eBay!!

    1st Gen - General Car Topics
    Acura : TSX SPOON SPORTS JDM EURO R in Acura | eBay Motors Holy fawk LOL!
  8. Any Spoon, Replicas, Spoilers- Black or CF

    TSX Classifieds Archives
    Any of these still out there on the market? Looking for one for 2005. Black or CF, real or replica. PM if know of any sources or someone is selling. :)
  9. JDM_CL9's Part Out! Lots of JDM Goodness!

    TSX Classifieds Archives
  10. JDM_CL9's Part Out! Lots of JDM Goodness!

    TSX Classifieds Archives
  11. Mayuga's Build Thread

    TSX Build Threads
    Honda Accord CL9 / Acura TSX '05 (6SPD) w/ Navi Before the TSX.. Update Links: Update: 3-6-10 "First Polished Engine Shot" Update: 4-3-10 "Honda Euro R Rear Lip" Update: 5-3-10 "More Polishing" Update: 11-13-10 "HT-Spec & UR Rear Brace" Update: 12-11-10 "UR Side Braces, CT, & Engine Shots"...
  12. Santa gave me Work Lug nuts. Tell me what u think!

    1st Gen - Image Gallery
    Hi everyone, Santa gave me some blue lug nuts from Work. So I thought I try them on to see how it should turn out. btw I tried on my new calipers and wheels too. Let me now what you guys think about this: Look, no spacers!jjjjjjjj8 and at last the new wheels: :hat: