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    Hi all! My name is Taylor. I drive a 2012 Acura TSX SportWagon named Iris (yes I named my car, I'm a sentimental sucker, sue me). It's really hard to spot other TSX SportWagons out on the roads, so it's cool to be in a community chalk full of folks who own one. I'm a college student working...
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    Hi there, Just joined to find out about tuning the TSX Sport Wagon (like '11-'14) there a space on this forum that has more info about what people are doing to the little I4 engine and how much power they've gotten...? Not looking to make it into a race car, I'm just wondering if that...
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    Hey guys - just picked up a 1 owner 2012 Sportwagon. Love it so far. White with tan. Found this one with super low miles and could not pass on it. 21k miles. Got about 34.x mpg on the road during my return trip from purchase so that is a good start. I will post up a few pics today once I...
1-3 of 3 Results