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  1. Function And Form type ii On AIR (air suspension )

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    Sold thank you
  2. grill, fog light housing & coilovers

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    Sorry for any errors this is my forst post. As the tittle says I am willing to buy mugen front grill or something similar, my stock one is missing a piece lol . Also the fog like housings I don't need harness, switches or Nothing just the actualy glass part or plastic depending on what you have...
  3. Leaking front struts with only 43k!

    2nd Gen - Suspension, ...
    I recently grout my car to be inspected by my mechanic. He called and told me both my front struts were leaking. He advised that I should contact the dealer as it may still be under warranty. I contacted them and made an appointment. They said that if the struts were leaking it would be...
  4. Konie yellow strust / shocks 2 - front only

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    Currently im looking for the Korie Yellow Struts the par for the front two, i am willing to pay 100$ for em but i must be high res picture and verity that the condition is good and how many miles you put on them. i wont be needing my OEM springs anymore so if you want them you an have them on...
  5. TSX Suspension - Name your price

    North West
    I have a suspension from my old 2007 TSX that is for sale. These have been sitting in my garage for the past 3 years unused. They have probably 8k miles on them. I am really looking to just get these out of my garage. If interested name a reasonable price. Like I said I do want to get rid of...
  6. 04-08 TSX brant new suspension

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    Delete this please.
  7. OEM 07 suspension

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    For sale is a full suspension from my old 2007 TSX. The suspension is collecting dust in my garage and I would like to move these along. The suspension includes all four: shocks, springs, dust covers, and bump stops. The suspension has approximately 5k to 10k miles on them. I'm hoping to get...
  8. Blown shocks - sensible replacement?

    1st Gen - Suspension, ...
    Car: 2005 Acura TSX Just blown out my front struts over a car-eating pothole last week . . . I plan on replacing all four struts-shocks but want to keep the OEM springs and ride height. However, I wouldn't mind trading a bit more...
  9. Tokico or KYB shocks? Please Advise!!!

    1st Gen - Suspension, ...
    I have a 2004 TSX and I am currently running Eibach Pro kit spring on stock shocks (which need to be replaced) I am looking for a good deal/cheap shocks: KYB GR2 SHOCKS? or TOKICO HP BLUE SHOCKS? Or anything under $300 which would be better than ^..any ideas?