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  1. 1st Gen - Electronics, ...
    hey guys, so i have an 06 tsx, imma do the switchblade key mod, i just need to know what year key i need to get, thnx in advance for the help!
  2. 1st Gen - General Car Topics
    My first post! I just got a 2006 TSX and I wanted to get the switchblade type key that is in the new Acura’s. Yes I know there are many other threads about the switchblade key but I couldn’t find anything recent. So to my understanding is that you buy the key and then you have to get it cut...
  3. 1st Gen - General Car Topics
    Trying to decide on a simple, clean keychain that is not bulky. Currently I just have my switchblade key (from Heeltoe) and house keys. AND, of course, a bottle opener. Maybe this is good enough?
1-3 of 3 Results