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  1. Looking Into the Future of Automotive Infotainment

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    What do you think of in-car technology? Check out the next generation of infotainment systems at
  2. what's going on from Vegas

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    1st time Acura owner here. Just picked up a 2010 tsx with the tech package in vortex blue. Every time I get in the car I fall in love all over again. If anyone knows of any good shops on vegas let me know. .
  3. Honda: Earth Dreams Technology

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    Honda Announces Revolutionary Next-generation “Earth Dreams Technology” -New plan calls for top-of-industry fuel efficiency in every vehicle class within 3 years- TOKYO, Japan, November 30, 2011 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced the outline for a revolutionary next-generation technology...
  4. China wants to Copy Cars More Cars

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    Newly Powerful China Defies Western Nations BEIJING - China's government has embraced an increasingly anti-Western tone in recent months and is adopting policies across a wide spectrum that reflect a heightened fear of foreign influence. The shift has accelerated as China has emerged stronger...
  5. Honda Creates Tech to Control Robots w/ the Mind

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    Honda Develops Technology to Control Robots Using the Mind While it may not be strictly car news, we just couldn't resist writing this story up about Honda's new 'Brain Machine Interface' technology. While it may sound like something out of the Terminator movies at first, the technology is an...