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    *Cancelled ECU sale *Test pipe SOLD - Fosco999 ($100)
  2. 2nd Gen - General Car Topics
    Long Term Road Test Date: December 2009 Current Mileage/Months in Fleet: 23,548/11 months Average Fuel Economy/Range: 26 mpg/481 miles Service: $197.90 Normal Wear: $8.63 Repair: $24.91 Damage and Destruction: $279.41 So let’s say there’s this girl you dated in high school, and she was lean...
  3. 2nd Gen - General Car Topics
    2009 Acura TSX Road Test The old TSX is gone. Will we ever love again? BY AARON ROBINSON, PHOTOGRAPHY BY MORGAN SEGAL July 2008 Back when gasoline was still cheaper than Glenfiddich, Honda’s luxury division rolled the dice on a compact sedan with a wholly un-American persona. The 2004 Acura...
1-3 of 3 Results