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  1. Used tires - 2x(215/50/17) and 2x(225/45/17)

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    Just bought new tires. I have used 225/45/17(continental) tires and 215/50/17(falken) tires. Located in Buena Park - 90620. Offer me I have two Continental ContiProContact 225/45/17 -> 30% life? I have two Falken Ziex 912 215/50/17 -> 25% life? 60 takes them all or 40 for the...
  2. Nexen Tires CT/NY Area Preffered

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    Nexen N5000 215-50-17 Tires. Only used them for about 2k miles. Asking for around $<strike>300</strike> 280 OBO. Prefer CT/NY area just so I dont have to Deal with shipping. Others welcomed if you are willing to drive. Please pm with any offers. This is tires only rims not included.
  3. Michelin Pilot HX MXM4 Tires (215/50-17) - Used

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    Had these Michelin Pilot HX MXM4 tires on my 2007 TSX with around 36k miles, but, ended up getting a nail in a tire that couldn't be patched. Ended up buying new tires and now selling these 3 tires (one that couldn't be patched was trashed and is not for sale). Size is 215/50-17. The Goodyear...
  4. Need feedback for Yokohama S. drive tires.

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    So, I am looking to purchase these when all the Christmas sales come (yea, I know. Its only October.) I have a few questions for the owners. 1) Are they really quiet or is there some road noise coming specifically from the tires? 2) Do you feel the road well when turning or are they a little...
  5. Mugen GP's w/ fresh RE050A tires and TPMS sensors

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    SOLD thank you.
  6. WTB: Stock tires 215/50 R17 decent condition, Toronto area

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    Anyone looking to get rid of stock tires, or stock-size tires, 215/50 R17? Getting married in October and fiance and I are planning to trade-in our cars sometime after and just have one (nice) car. I'm looking for a set that will last at least another year or so for a good price. My set is...
  7. 2004 TSX rims and Yokohama tires $200

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    Just bought some new tires and wheels. These are old stock ones. 2 of the rims and tires are in perfect condition with 80% tread still on the tires and rims in great condition. The other 2 tires are balding and road rashed rims. 1 tire is ok just no tread on its side wall, and the other is just...
  8. 18" work equips

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    so i picked up this tsx not to long ago and it came with the works, i figured id toss em up n see what i can really this is jus me testing the in no rush to sell but if my price is met im willing to part... 18x8 offset +22 work equip 215/35r18 generals,... tires still have...
  9. 16" Winter Wheel/Tire Package (Toronto) - SOLD

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  10. Winters?

    2nd Gen - Wheels, ...
    Curious to see what winter wheel applications you used? What size wheel / offset? Anyone go with 16s? Any issues? Thanks! s
  11. 4 Nankang 225 45 18 Tires Brand New

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    Manufacturer Part Number 24990001 Size 225/45R18 91H Speed Rating H O.D. 25.9 Section Width 9.2 Load Rating 1356 I am located in the Portland, OR area. Would be willing to meet if it's not too far away. I can also ship in the US via USPS/UPS/FedEX. Buyer pays shipping, I would like to...
  12. Falken Ziex Ze-912 tires 215/50/17

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    SOLD As the subject says, I'm selling a set of 4 Falken Ziex Ze-912 tires in the stock size, 215/50/17. The treadwear is good, roughly 80% tread still there. I'm asking $100 obo for all 4 tires. Located in Chicago, but will ship. Buyer pays shipping. I can post pictures later this week...
  13. Do not go to Esserman in Miami

    Dealership Experience
    My daguhter gave me her 2005 TSX this past weekend. She wanted it to be in great shape when she gave it to me so she took it to the dealer and asked them to do a bumper to bumper to be sure everything was right on the car. They kept the car for two days. That was longer than they stated it would...
  14. Stock Tires

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    Looking for stock tires for my 2005 with tread left. Only need two right now so want them to match what's already on there.
  15. 18" Volk GT-C

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    I'm selling my Volks to get another set of wheels... 18 x 7.5 +50 225/40 18 x 8.0 +50 245/40 The tires are Falken 452's and are practically brand new! These come with caps, lug nuts and hubcentric rings. I'm looking to get $900 without tires and $1300 with tires. 626-927-8442...