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  1. Super strange problem with Auto tranny

    1st Gen - Problems and Fixes
    I have never had a single problem with the auto in my first gen TSX it has never been replaced and it has about 80k miles on it. It still is going like a champ but I have been having a problem when under power. I drive sometimes in manual mode(I know it's dumb). If I accelerate and shift in the...
  2. P0741 (TCC Solenoid Lock Up), '04 TSX

    1st Gen - Problems and Fixes
    'Evening all, I'm new to this forum. The dealer is no help so I came in seek of help. I have a 2004 tsx with a P0741 code. I need help finding the true ohm value for the TCC solenoid (Linear solenoid A, up top of the trans. Part number#28250-RPC-003) and the lower solenoid's true ohm value...
  3. Where do you get your rebuild kits? (Manual trans)

    1st Gen - Engine, ...
    I just blew out my 5th gear synchronizer and figured I'd change out the 5th gear components, as well as my 6th gear (new ratio) for lower revs on the freeway. Where do you guys purchase your transmission parts? I haven't found a lot of products with a simple google search.
  4. 6MT - Transmission seems stuck in gear

    1st Gen - Problems and Fixes
    A buddy of mine recently bought a 2004 TSX with ~300k km on the clock and a 6-speed manual trans. It has been great for the first week of ownership. Yesterday, he was shifting up to accelerate after stopping for a school bus. When he let out the clutch, the wheels locked up and the car stalled...
  5. 2009 TSX Transmission problem, rebuilt or replace?

    2nd Gen - Problems and Fixes
    I have '09 TSX 5 speed AT, got Check Transmission and CEL few days back. Car is shifting very rough in 2 and 3 , above 40 mph driving fine. Local Indy mechanic said that's the mechanical problem in transmission and has to rebuild transmission. Quoted $2k to rebuild tranny with 3 year/36,000...
  6. P0796 Pressure Control Solenoid C Performance or Stuck Off

    1st Gen - Problems and Fixes
    Ok so last night I was driving my 2007 TSX home and the transmission suddenly slipped out of gear and revved high and got stuck out of gear until I coasted to a stop and turned the car off and back on. Then I managed to limp it up the street and back home, but not without a CEL, check trans...
  7. Help! Violent shaking. 1st gear issues.

    1st Gen - Problems and Fixes
    To start off, I recently got this car used with 115000 miles or so. I've put roughly 1500 miles on the car since I've gotten it and ran into a few odd issues. Any input on these topics would be amazing! Whenever I get on the freeway, I oh so slowly start to get vibration in the steering wheel...
  8. WTB: 1st Gen WTB 04-05 tsx manual transmission. Paypal read

    Want to Buy/Want to Trade
    My trans in my 04 died with only 120k. I really need my daily back. I would need it shipped to 50313 IOWA.
  9. New Member-- Burned my civic to the ground to get a TSX

    Member Intro
    Just got a a new to me 2007 TSX MT as my commuter box. Almost 140k. My last car ws a 04 civic which came to an unexpected ending last week after the positive terminal made contact with the hood rod... one thing led to another and the thing burned to the ground. The TSX came with full service...
  10. 3x3 Transmission Fluid Drain & Fill process?

    1st Gen - Car Care, ...
    After draining the first 3qts, how much should I drive before repeating the process? Should I just drive a bit and fill on the same day or wait 24 hours? Some people have suggested spreading it out over a month or weekly?
  11. 3x3 Transmission Fluid Drain & Fill process?

    1st Gen - Engine, ...
    After draining the first 3qts, how much should I drive before repeating the process? Should I just drive a bit and fill on the same day or wait 24 hours? Some people have suggested spreading it out over a month or weekly?
  12. Tranny Flush? Yay or nay?

    1st Gen - Engine, ...
    Has anyone done a full transmission fluid flush (vs. a regular drain and top up)? I've heard horror stories of transmissions failing after a flush. Please share your experiences.
  13. Transmission issue?

    1st Gen - Engine, ...
    hey guys new to the forum and new to this car. Just got an 06 with 111k on the Odometer. It's a 6spd manual. Under hard acceleration it seems hard to pop into gear. If I drive normally it is fine. Even if I go to 6500 rpm under normal acceleration it shifts fine. Is this an issue with the...
  14. 06 TSX MT- shifting is not smooth, acceleration is lagging

    1st Gen - Problems and Fixes
    Hi, first post, hope I m doing it right. I recently purchased an 06 TSX 6sp MT. after a day or so I noticed a grinding noise when shifting on reverse,acceleration lag hard to shift gear. I took it back to the dealership they replace the clutch master cylinder and the slave clutch cylinder...
  15. Transmission Check Light

    1st Gen - Problems and Fixes
    2008 Auto 115Kmi I was driving around, and I hear a pop of some sort... I had my music on so it hard to describe. Then the check transmission light went on and the "D" for what gear I was in, started blinking. I was driving fine though. Nothing seemed to be effected. I bought it used from...
  16. All system warning lights on

    2nd Gen - Problems and Fixes
    I have a 2009 tsx, last week I replaced the battery. On Thursday the vsa, abs and check transmission warnings lights came on in the info screen and will not go away. Along with this the brake light remains on and the green dot next to the "d" is blinking. The car seems to run fine. Any thoughts?
  17. Help! Reverse Whining. NOT normal. 06 AT

    1st Gen - Problems and Fixes
    Hey guys, I have been reading and reading posts/threads/etc. searching for an answer and no luck. I have a 2006 AT with 129k miles. I have had a lot of recent problems and have spent more time jacking with my car lately than I prefer (including a new front bumper, headlights, fog lights, skid...
  18. Tiptronic

    1st Gen - General Car Topics
    Hey guys ! Sorry if I'm on the wrong section I'm still getting used to this, but I wanted to know how to generally work tiptronic manual, I have an Acura tsx 2005. I just want to know like basics, like what rpm to shift at and what rpm its supposed to be at after wards and when to downshift...
  19. WTB: RSX TYPE-S Transmission!

    Non-TSX Classifieds
    Need to Swap Gears In My Tsx, Looking For A Good Price Otherwise Ill Be Forced To Buy Brand New! Im In Ny, LMK
  20. DIY Axle Replacement

    1st Gen - Problems and Fixes
    Just bought an new axle and finally fixed the clunking from a stop and vibration during 60 mph. I was going to replace the inner joint and boot but my outer joint was clicking as well so i bought the whole axle. Replaced only PASSENGER SIDE (right side) for 05 TSX. It should be similar for...