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tsx 04 6mt

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    So I purchased a Euro R CL7 6 speed LSD , as I was inspecting the wheel I’ve heard that LSD would spin both my wheels at the same direction. Mine spin the opposite, so now I dunno if I have LSD or not. Is there LSD that spins wheel opposite ?
  2. 1st Gen - Problems and Fixes
    So this happen when I drive for over 30 mins driving over 3500rpm I feel a split second lost of power and then it’ll go into limp mode. I had recently replaced the app sensor. I thought the problem went away but it hasn’t. Any idea what I could replace to fix this issue? 6 speed tsx
  3. TSX General Car Topics
    Hello! Anyone have suggestions for my problem? 04 6mt in Canada currently at 230 000kms. My idle will bounce and dip really low sometimes (oil light on for a second and often stall itself out) when the car is in neutral or just driving. I changed the battery and alternator recently. Spark...
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    ]I recently switched over to 05 rims, generally because I needed another set of rims for winter. My OEM Silverstar Rims are waiting to be put on my winter set, when I have the time to do in the shop. Copped these for about $270! Minor rash, no major dents or knicks. What do you like more...