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  1. Weight Reduction

    Autocross & Road Racing
    HELP!! Now that I'm tracking the Tsx I need to lose some weight.. And so does the car.... So now to the good stuff. Im losing weight and so should my car.. its only fitting right? So I want to hit the cheapest things first, but i also want to reduce the weight of the front as much as...
  2. Aluminum Foam May Reduce Car Weight

    Automotive Discussion
    LightWeight Aluminum-Foam Sandwich Material May Solve Porky Car Problem As enthusiasts, we've all decried the incessant bulking-up of our favorite vehicles over the years. Adding the necessary safety and emissions equipment to meet regulatory requirements has led to a massive increase in the...
  3. Mazda: Yes to Diesel; No to Hybrids

    Automotive Discussion
    Mazda to Focus on Clean Diesels & Weight Reduction; Says No to Hybrids Posted: March 26, 2009 In a meeting with reporters in Tokyo, Mazda Motor Corp said today that it is working on a diesel engine that is cheaper and will offer the same fuel-efficiency as hybrid cars. The engine is scheduled...