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  1. Windows Phone Thread

    MS, Defying Image, Has a Design Gem in Windows Phone Joe Belfiore, left, and Albert Shum are on the Windows Phone software team. “GORGEOUS,” raves The Huffington Post. “Best-looking smartphone operating system in the industry,” gushes Slate. “Far superior to most if not all the Android...
  2. Nokia: News Thread

    Nokia on the Verge of a Major Comeback Nokia has done it tough the past few years. Once synonymous with innovation, quality, and market dominance, Nokia's stock price has slid steadily (from $US40) since late 2007, around the time Apple's iPhone 1st entered the market. It has lost heavy...
  3. TSX Rear Roof Visor

    1st Gen - Aerodynamics
    Where is a place that i can go to get a custom Rear Roof Visor done at??
  4. 2004 TSX wiring issue

    1st Gen - Problems and Fixes
    So somehow the people at the carwash, when they were cleaning the inside of the windshield, knocked out the wiring that connects to the back(or part of?) the rearview mirror. The wiring splits off into three parts and all three parts I believe plug into three different places. The only problem...