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  1. Strange breeze in my center console

    1st Gen - Problems and Fixes
    Hey guys, to start off, I live in Canada where it gets -25 on regular. okay so when i'm driving i always put my hand on the stick because i use SS mode on my AT tsx 2004. and whenever im driving, when my heater is on the car inside is warm and cozy, but whenever i steer to either left or right i...
  2. Winter tire as spare for a blown summer tire

    1st Gen - Wheels, ...
    I'm wondering if anyone can comment on this: I was driving on the highway and I noticed that my car started vibrating. Being in the middle of the highway, i wanted to take the next exit to check out the problem, but before i could get to the off ramp, one of my tires blew. I was still in the...
  3. Road & Track: Top 10 Winter Cars

    Automotive Discussion
    Skid Masters: Top 10 Cars for Winter The prospect of winter driving can be daunting for car owners who don’t have the right set of wheels for the job. A high-performance rear-wheel-drive vehicle can be great fun, so long as the weather forecast calls for warm temperatures and sunny skies. But...
  4. 16" Winter Wheel/Tire Package (Toronto) - SOLD

    TSX Classifieds Archives
  5. Winters?

    2nd Gen - Wheels, ...
    Curious to see what winter wheel applications you used? What size wheel / offset? Anyone go with 16s? Any issues? Thanks! s
  6. 16 inch Accord wheels

    1st Gen - General Car Topics
    (Hi there, I did a search for this topic but didint' find a thread - apologies in advance if it exists already). I'm looking at buying some snows and steel rims for my 04' TSX. I understand I can safely do a 205/60 r16 . I found a set of tires and wheels of this size that were originally...