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´09 CU1 2l Accord Executive from norway. progress pictures.

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Hello guys, I´ve been around here for quite some time and this is my 4th accord, the previous ones were ´04 ´05 and ´06 models.
I used to live in Iceland but have now moved to norway.

This here is my new baby and here is a little description.

The car is a 2009 model, Euro Honda Accord Executive. CU1 2l automatic. The engine is a 2l sohc R20A2, 156hp.
I was on a hunt for a automatic, diesel station but I couldn´t pass this one up because of the price, I am not disappointed even though it´s just a 2l (my previous accords were all 2.4l)
The executive is the top model here in europe and it comes with pretty much everything, but mine did not come with navi which is an extra option. So everything was stock on it when I got it and here is a picture of it from the dealership.

Then it was time to purchase a few styling bits. A new OEM sport rear bumper, OEM sport side skirts and OEM Type-S front lip.

Installed the rear bumper first.

Then the side skirts.

Then I installed the front lip but didn´t take pictures of that progress because it only took about half an hour and was really easy and straightforward. So then it looked like this with all styling bits installed.

Then I bought a set of lowering springs, 35mm H&R Springs were chosen because here in norway I need to have springs that have TUV papers so everything is legal, so this is what it looked like after that.

The first thing I bought for the car was wheels so after everything was installed I couldn´t have it rolling around on the stock 17" anymore, so on went the new wheels.
They are Fierro Palermo. size is 19x8.5" ET45, riding on 245/35 19 Toyo T1R tires.

The process took about a week and I am pretty happy with the outcome and hope you like it too :)
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Lotsa work done, good job!

I need that aero bumper badly
Wow those 19's really filled the wheel gap, are you on the stock suspension?
Wow those 19's really filled the wheel gap, are you on the stock suspension?

I wrote in my post I am on H&R 35MM :)
Looks really good, nice ride height and fitment for daily duties :thumbsup:

Can't believe 156hp is moving that heavy chassis around. Stupid Honda :rotz:
not stupid at all it´s a nice motor and gets good fuel mileage, I´ve had 3 2.4l first gens and I rarely feel I´m wanting for more power with this one as it has a nice power curve, it does lack a little up and go cause of the auto but it´s really not that bad :). Those stateside shouldn´t complain so much about not getting this and that when in fact you get all the nice stuff. A v6 accord(tsx) would cost an arm and a leg over here, even the 2.4l car costs an arm and a leg and the v6 isn´t even an option.
Awesome looking Accord Euro,i m sure that you LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
Yes I LOVE it alot :)
next hopefully a supercharger, not a lot of support for the r20 motor. found one company that offers a charger for it but seems to be an issue with shipping to me. Am hoping that I can maybe use some of the parts from the civics r18, that would open up many doors. other then that it´s some little things, maybe rear sway bar, speaker upgrade and such. It comes pretty well equipped so not many modifications are really needed :) will probably switch wheels around a bit, maybe try 20"?
nice , i wish more companies made ecu tuning for these cars .

would be great but so far we are limited

either way right direction :)
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