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Here's the rundown. I just got it a few weeks ago from an acquaintance who graduated college this spring and needed the cash to pay off student loans. I figured I'd help him out. I sold my Acura TSX and bought it. Well, now I need/want something 4 door again. Plus I'd rather not take this back to school in the fall.

2001 Berlina Black S2000
102,xxx miles
6 speed transmission
All black interior (rare for black AP1 S2000's, usually they have some red)
6 disc CD changer

36-way adjustable D2 coilovers
Enkei RPF-1 wheels. Staggered fitment. 17x8 front 17x9 concave rear
T1R exhaust piping, Spoon replica muffler.
Single outlet exhaust cover
NRG quick release. Boss Hub. Spoon sports/momo steering wheel
OEM EK foglights
OEM AP1 front lip
BackYard Special replica rear wing
Viper Alarm

Crack down the middle of the windshield.
3 small dings
Soft top had 2 small rips that have been stitched up and some sort of black waterproofing substance was applied. It doesn't leak whatsoever.

The car is in great condition for its age. Paint is in awesome shape, still shines like new. Car has been garaged most of its life. Seats are in great shape, no tears/wear.

**Hardtop is NOT included with sale. Sorry. It's not mine.

12k OBO or trade for a TSX/TL, WRX/STi w/ higher mileage, Audi A4, 06+ Civic Si. Possibly a bike + cash.

I can take/add pictures of the interior/engine/defects if anyone would like. Just seeing if anyone on here is interested in it at the moment.


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Nice car, glwt.

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Clean s2k
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