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Set of 3rd Gen TL OEM wheels +45mm 17x8" with TPMS and Continental ExtremeContact DWS Ultra-High Performance Tires in 235/45/17 size.

Each wheel has some curbing. Two of them are not noticeable when mounted, and one of them is pretty chewed up around the edges. If you're looking for mint wheels, these are not for you. These are for someone looking for a set of decent wheels with great tires mounted/balanced and ready to go with TPMS.

Tires are excellent with a bit more than 8/32nds on two, and a bit less than 8/32nds on the other two. One tire has a slight tear on the surface, but it's far from the actual structure of the tire, so I would say it's cosmetic. The ExtremeContact DWS are the top one or two UHP A/S tires you can buy, and personally I could say that they perform well in dry/wet/snow (as the name DWS suggests). They are also much more comfortable and quieter than the other UHP A/S tires I've used before. The also wear very well. The only slight complain I would have is the slightly softer feel on turn in, but they grip very well.

$580 obo picked up in NYC area

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