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I just bought a 13 Mustang GT and realized I need something a little more practical to drive during the winter. Additionally, I do a TON of driving for work, and the GT is costing me $55 a week to fill up.

Im in St. Louis, MO. Anything within 200-300 miles would be acceptable, especially if youd be willing to meet up halfway or something.

Looking for a STOCK auto, blue, cgp or silver
under 100k miles
clean-no salvage titles

I found two in Illinois.
Silver, 75k miles, 2 owners, really clean $11k
a little more than i wanted to spend

cgp, 90k miles, 1 owner, $10,250 has a nice ding on the side of it

Let me know what youve got! :mardi:

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2005 tsx

Hey -- I have a 2005 carbon grey automatic TSX with approximately 73K miles - in Chicago. I have been the only owner of the vehicle. The car has never been in an accident and has received routine maintenance since I purchased it in 2006

let me know if you are interested!

[email protected]
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