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Sup TSXClub,

Since there have been a couple of people fitting in Genesis Brembo Calipers w/ 14-17 Nissan Rogue 3rd Row Rotors on our 1st Gen TSX, I thought id give it a try since it doesn't require any brackets to install.

I am no expert when it comes to Hub center bores and Hub rings, but since our 04-08 TSX Center bore is 64.1mm and the 14-17 Nissan Rogue Rotor Center bore is 68.1mm (I believe), are there any Hub Rings that are specifically made for Hub to Rotor to center it? I know I needed it for my Enkei Nt03s or any aftermarket wheels but I have never heard of a Hub Ring being fitted for the Hub to Rotor.

Now for the next question. Since my Enkei Nt03s 9.5" +40 has a Hub of 72.62mm do I have to buy new Hub Rings to be fitted from the Nissan Rogues center bore or do I still use the same one provided to me when I installed the rims to my TSX? Or am I out to lunch and overthinking everything LOL!

Im pretty sure I will need some spacers to clear this BBK, probably 5-10mm, do I buy spacers with a Hub Rings Centers on it? Can I use my aftermarket Wheel Lug Nuts previously used or do I have to buy a new set of Open Ended Lug Nuts?
Im planning to do this all in my garage and would like to have everything so I can tackle it all in one go. Thanks in advance for your input!
So what brake pads are being used? Brembo brake pads or the nissan rouge?
1 - 2 of 41 Posts