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Clocksping, Cassette player, and Tan Seatbelts!


Only accept payments through paypal

Shipping to anywhere, as long as buyer is paying shipping

04 "A" Driver Airbag - SOLD
it's very clean, no scratch, small dent on the emblem bottom right - comes with all the cables

04 Clockspring - SOLD

04 Cassette Player - SOLD
It comes with all brackets but some bolts broke, it will need some replacement. The cassette player, the plastic cover, and the BUS cord
It's already boxed and ready to be shipped

04 SINGLE Oem headlight ballast(Passenger side, if they are different) - SOLD
it came from an 85k km tsx (about 53miles)
Does not come with cable, unit only

04 Tan SeatBelts Driver& Passenger - 50$
both driver and passenger in good condition

OEM 2004 Radio - 75$
Circuit resistor was going out that's why I replaced it. No idea if CD player works

BuddyClub Condenser - 50$
Works perfectly, just gonna need new cables to attach

2004 SSM Mirror with broken flasher - 45$

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Woah i didn't even know they had a cassette player option, good luck with the sales
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