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Hey guys
Just when I thought I fixed everything and was ready for a SergeBo Reflash, my car leaked all its coolant when I had AC getting everything ready. Coolant was fine a week prior but I dont think I used the AC if at all.

So went ahead and took off front bumper and rented a coolant pressure tester from AutoZone. Sure nuff it seems to be leaking from the radiator at the bottom, not quite sure exactly where. When brought up to 16 psi it starts a steady drip.

The radiator looks old enough that I might go ahead and replace it. Looking at HeelToes Koyo rad but it's not for AT cars and I'd need to buy a separate transmission cooler, correct? If so, I'd be looking at a Hayden Automotice one from Amazon. What do you guys think? Anything that I'm missing or should check first?
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