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This is my first post, so please bear with me. I've been searching around for a few months now and finally found, what I thought was, the right TSX!

I bought it this past weekend during the day-time from a private party with 131k miles and drove from SD to Burbank for it. On the way home it went dark, and guess what the first problem with my car was?
The infamous eerie, blank center console.

I've come up with two possible solutions to this problem:

1. Installing a PCB board myself.
Problem: I couldn't find a DIY guide for a PCB board on a TSX with navigation. It seems that most, if not all of the TSX owners with nav have had some sort of malfunction or trouble even after installing it. I found a board (3917A-SEC-A51CP) for 88 shipped. I don't know if the is the best solution though because I haven't heard of a success story of someone personally replacing it on their TSX w/ nav, so I don't know if I should go to a dealer and leave it to the pros.

2. Going to a dealer
Problem: This may cost an arm and a leg to fix. It might be a long shot, but I'm going to try calling the nearest Acura dealer and explain if they'll do a goodwill repair on me since I just bought the car this weekend and I'm a broke college student. I'll bring up the 100k mile and 7 year warranty that passed and hopefully they'll waive it or bring down the price a bit.

Here are a couple pictures showing the center console out completely with the headlights and dashlights on

PS this is the first car I've ever bought on my own (I'm 19). If ANYONE has any advice or solutions for me, that'd be great.
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