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Whats up guys, I picked up this 04 manual transmission tsx a while back and started to change all fluids first thing including transmission fluid. Pulled the drain plug and about 2 ounces of fluid came out. Ok great. Filled the transmission back up with honda MTF only to notice that while driving transmission fluid is spraying all over the exhaust and dripping small puddles when parked. I saw that it was leaking from the half shaft going into the transmission. Ordered a new honda seal and replaced. Drove about 10 minutes home only to discover fluid is sprayed everywhere. What did I do wrong and why is this seal such a pita?? any tips or advice? has this happened to anyone else before?

Can this seal be tapped in too far? There was a slightly larger gap at the goldish colored dust plate after installing but im positive the shaft is in all the way.


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