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'04 TSX, 6sp Manual, 90k miles, San Francisco

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Hi everyone, I'm looking to sell my 2004 TSX. Here are the details:

Year: 2004
VIN: JH4CL95834C009799
Color: Meteor Silver (which actually looks light-blue during the day and silver at night)
Transmission: 6sp Manual
Mileage: 90,000 (Just crossed 90k today, as a matter of fact)
No Navigation.
No modifications at all to the car. Completely stock.
Car is located in San Francisco.

Images here: 2004 TSX - Imgur (Please excuse my not-so-great iphone photos)

The car is in great shape mechanically (Verified by an Acura dealership earlier in 2012). One issue is that the a/c no longer pumps cool air. I'm guessing that it probably just needs to be recharged, but I haven't had the time to get it fixed. Oil changes done regularly (more frequently than the 5k mile intervals recommended by the dealership).

Cosmetically, there are various dings and scratches all around the car. Nothing major, but if you're looking for a perfectly-shiny, brand-new-looking car, this may not be for you.

No accidents, except for a couple of low-speed bumps to the rear bumper in stop-and-go traffic.

KBB private resale value in "Excellent" condition is $11,066, "Very Good" is $10,666, "Good" is $10,366, and "Fair" is $9,291. Because of the aforementioned issues, I am willing to sell this for $10,000 cash.

Please PM me if you're interested. I will be buying a new car, possibly this weekend, so I would like to sell this TSX as soon as possible. Thanks!
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