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Installing an amplifer in your car..
2004 Acura TSX

Breaching the firewall so you can run your power wire to the trunk.. You will see a ruber grommet in front of your valve cap of the "Vtec".. What I did is.. I used a stranded(stiff) 8 gauge wire and taped it with the 8 gauge powerwire(flexible) and used it as a guide to go through until it penetrates down to the right side passenger foot rest area.

Your guide(thick wire or fishtape imitation) should end up somewhere on the left side if you have penetrated the firewall clearly. Shown on this picture;

I ran the wires under the glove box and underneath the rug of the footrest so I can conceal the wires and will not be visible at any angle. I ran it around under the footstep area of the "Acura"

Then ran the wire underneath the rug near the factory wires

Heres an example of my guide with the stranded wire

I ran the wire underneath the rug in the backseats also, then the wire goes behind the backseat where near the seat belt. And wire can now run to the trunk. Well since I got the power wire in the trunk already.. I decided to do the REMOTE sensor for the amp to turn on.

Pretty much all you have to do is remove the console where it covers the shift knob and e-brake

You can unclip those two plugs.. the heater or something

Over here.. This is where you want to splice your remote wire and the 12v source wire which is RED/WHITE = Positive + and the black wire = ground -

I have a 12v tester.. Red = positive and blue = negative.. You have to tape in the positive side so it would be the white&red wire.

Continuation tomorrow sorry!

got some new shoes :)
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i think i will change my remote wire to that wire instead of the fuse box tap, nice wiring !
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