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04 TSX Navigation w/DVD player

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FS is a 2004 TSX Navigation unit with DVD player and GPS antenna. I was going to convert my non-navi to navi but I'm going in a different direction.

It comes the all the pigtails. You will just have to run the corresponding wires. I don't have the navi DVD disc or the lcd that goes on the top.
Price Drop, I need this gone

Pics of the unit connected:

Utilizes the same plugs. The female plug in the middle of the two green plugs is where the navigation unit connects to:

Same FM antenna and radio connections

$400 Shipped
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Naw man, sorry no trades unless is that certain type of green paper.
What's the LCD that goes on top and what else is required? I'm quite interested...
The lcd part is called the navigation sub display unit.
Part no# 39710-SEC-A51
Goes for about $292 on
Will it work without the LCD stuff? I really don't care if the navi works as long as radio works and cd and heat controls I'm interested
It should work. My boy took out his display unit when he did the swap and made it a volt meter since he's a big audiophile. His works without any issues.
@chikia12187 as long as the bread has a moldy green color. lol
OK I got some bad news for those who just want to use this as a radio. It works but without the navi computer that goes in the trunk you will not see any image on the screen.

I made a vid that I will upload tomorrow.
Here's the vid:

Bumpity bump
Ok I fixed the link. It should be public now
Let me just get some clarification but doesn't the navi computer come with the nav that you're selling? Isn't it the dvd player?
Yes it does. I will rename the title of the thread. Even though the navi unit is a dvd player it doesn't play dvd directly without you hacking the system. It is the brain of the display. In the vid I don't have it connected since it requires a bit more work interms of the wiring.
I'm very interested in this setup. Unfortunately I'm as poor as I can be at this moment but if you do have this later on (chances are you won't since it is quite a deal) then I will grab it off you. But for now...

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1 - 20 of 51 Posts
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