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I have some questions and piper to ideas. I recently bought the budget kit from Humble Performance it came it a plm sidewinder, PTE 6262 turbo, PTE BOV, PTE wastegate, humble performance intercooler,oil lines, and oil sandwich plate.

my question is
1.What all do I need to move so the sidewinder will fit wiring, vacuum lines, etc?

2. What are my options for the upper coolant neck?

3. What are my options for fuel system? I already have a ktuned fuel rail and gauge with RDX injections on a RRC manifold tuned by Steve at e-tunez. I was thinking of just buying the ktuned fuel setup and just sale the parts that I don’t need.

4. What are my options on a down pipe? Should I get a custom down pipe made or should I buy on for lets say a RSX or a SI?

any hep or options would be appreciated thank you


1 - 4 of 4 Posts