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I have an '05 TSX (1st gen) with 285,000 kms on it (auto transmission). I've noticed for the past couple months when I drive the car it makes a deep and low rumbling noise which seems to to be coming from somewhere around the wheels but the sound can be heard from everywhere in the car and I can't pinpoint exactly which quadrant it's coming from. The noise does not seem to get louder as I drive but it does change in that the noise goes faster (as in quicker rotational noise).

I figured it might have been a wheel bearing issue so I replaced my two rear wheel bearings and my front driver side one. It didn't change the noise at all. I'm having my doubts now whether its even a wheel bearing issue now and don't want to change this last one unless I'm sure it's the issue. I ran all the standard tests to try and isolate the noise to a particular wheel. ie. I raised each individual wheel and put throttle on it to make just that one spin and it didn't make any noise (albeit there was no load on it). Also tried shaking/wiggling the wheel and no noticeable movement.

Could it be a transmission issue? About 6 or 7 months ago there was a time when sometimes my "D" (Drive) light in my dashboard would start blinking green and I read online about this and people were saying the transmission is bad. This light would flash and go away at times every time I drove the car but it hasn't come on since then. The car has no issues going into different gears and shifts between gears seem normal.

I'm stumped as to what else this could be. I'm very reluctant to take it to the dealer because I've done this before, paid them to diagnose, paid them to get a part replaced only to find out it isn't the issue. I felt ripped off and don't trust taking it to them to diagnose. Besides, they'd probably just tell me it's the wheel bearing :cautious:

Any help would be so appreciated! I can post a video of the sound if need be.
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