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'06-'08 TSX 6MT - Dallas, TX

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What's up club TSX :wavey:

Just got out of an accident in which my RSX got totaled thanks to an ignorant truck driver :bawling: Long story short, I'm now in the market for a mint, well-kept, and well-loved TSX.

Not too picky so long as the vehicle has been well maintained. The newer the better, and the lesser miles the better as I'm looking to keep this car for a while.

It is undoubtedly difficult to come across a 6MT for sale; just goes to show what a fantastic machine the TSX really is. That being said, I know it's a long shot but what better place to start than TSX club.

Please post here or PM me. Im located in Dallas, TX. Willing to travel a bit as well (<200 miles)

Thanks for your time! :thumbsup:
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Search auto-trader and you'll find a small number, but you'll probably have to stretch your 200 mile range. You want well-maintained and loved - mine is the only green one you'll find with Nav/tech pkg and wing... If you can't find the ad, let me know, many details and pics there... '06 green, 95k, 6spd, w/Nav - only one in the country with this set of options on Autotrader... $14k firm
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