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Hey TSXCLUB, relatively new here not sure if the forums are still active just wanted to document my car for future reference

As title states I have a 2006 Accord Euro Luxury AT
Not sure what the US equivalent is however this came with the follow options from factory:
Leather seats
Seat warmers
And a few more i know im forgetting

Also came with some dealer options:
Rear parking sensors
OEM Trunk mat

One thing I regret the most was not taking more photos of the car during the early phases and damaging my old phone with a of older photos

For the meantime just a quick before and after while I try and find photos of everything in between

Bought the car back in early 2016 stock.

Sneak peak how it looks now two years later

A lot of changes happening this year so hopefully I should be able to document is it all here.
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