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06 side mirror led color change

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i have been searching everywhere trying to find the solution to change the yellow led to amber led. i have found the diy to take it apart.. step one!.. now i need to find the lights needed to replace the stock yellows. i have seen people say there individual leds and also seen people say there strips. i have seen the ambers in person on the highway recently which gave me the idea soo i no they are out there. can anyone point me in the direction as to where i can buy these lights.

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Where is the DIY info you found? I was kinda interested.
here is the link to take it apart. now i just need the info on where to get the amber led!
Aren't they already amber/orange? I'm pretty sure the ones on my 05 are.
They're already orange..

Not really sure why the OP in the DIY there didn't just unclip the mirror harness and work on that inside on a bench or something. That's what I did when I wrapped my mirrors in matte black.. Sure beats doing it outdoors anyways.
Yea mine are amber already. And boy are they bright.
then how come mines are yellow :'(
Maybe just replace it with a new marker to get it orange? :dunno:
then how come mines are yellow :'(
Are they the same color (or close) as the front turn signal in the headlights? They should be.
no the front is def amber/orange... the mirrors are as yellow as can be. all original 06. so its not a aftermarket replacement mirror.
Maybe just replace it with a new marker to get it orange? :dunno:
im going to call the dealer tomorow and ask if i ordered a new marker if it would be orange.. worth a shot!
Do you have any pics or videos? I'm curious to see this yellow signal.
dealer was no luck. they only know what the comp tells em and theres no info!.. ill try to get a pic up tomorow.
I have 06 as well, mine are definitely amber. Maybe there is an issue with your vehicle itself and the side markers? iunno. Maybe bring it to a place that specializes in automotive lighting? Not sure if they could help, but maybe worth a shot.
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