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I got this one about four months ago and have had to fix many things on this since it was salvage vehicle.
here was before I got it.

and how it is now.

and some of the many things I had to fix and replace.

Dunlops i'm currently running.

rear motor mount.

getting the navi and stereo codes.

it has been a lot more things like the radiator, the head light wiring that had to be soldered back together and new fuel pump just in case it failed(had an rsx that left me stranded is why I replaced it).

(yes I will track this car eventually too)

I've been a long time Honda fan and I'm very with the performance of this car. would have loved it more if it was a stick and an 07, but its a good car that was not very well taken care of.

looking fwd to learning more about this platform. Thanks for looking.:)
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