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08 seats in a 04 help!

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Recently picked up some 08 seats to convert my tan interior to black. However didn't realize 08 had a power passenger seat. Then I figured I'd wire it up myself but when it came to the driver seat the 08 had 4 plugs to the floor harness compared to the 2 in my 04 floor harness.
First question is if I picked up an 05 floor harness would it be plug and play (replacing the whole floor harness) or is it different (fuse box?)
Second could I just switch over the cushion from the 08 driver seat to my 04 to avoid all the rewiring?
I already picked up a passenger side seat harness ( just cut from that specific area.

If things are too complicated might just get rid of these and pick up some after market seats. Lol

Any help would be appreciated. And thanks in advance.
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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