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Hi everyone! New member and I came to these boards to see if I could get some help from the experts. I bought a CPO 08 TSX w/ 26k miles about 2 months ago from Brookfield Acura in Wisconsin. I had brought the car in for a power steering issue among a few other things.

The receipt states the steering gearbox had to be replaced. In the process they broke a cable in the steering column which controls the airbag and a few other things by letting the wheel spin while working on it. They repaired that and the gearbox but now my car has a weird airy exhaust sound that seems to come from around the driver side dash mostly when accelerating when under load and then also a slight airy white noise when traveling at 60+.

When I picked up the car I turned around and took it back since a rattle in the door also hadn't been fixed even though they said they did and also complained of this sound. They fixed the rattle but said they hear nothing out of the ordinary for noise. I know that isn't the case and this isn't what it's supposed to sound like, now I just need to convince them of that.

I also had them check into why the exhaust was hitting the hitch that was on there when I bought it and they said it just has less clearance on the right and could do nothing about it (I'll fix it myself) but not sure if they removed the exhaust at all. The hitch looks to have been used for a bike rack (what I use it for) since there is no electric hook up.

In summary I am going to call them back and bring it back in but I wanted to see if you had any helpful ideas. Is there insulation that could have been left out? Could it be an exhaust leak? Are there any free repair manuals I could look at that might give an idea of any parts or pieces in that area that I could check?

I know this may be hard to diagnose without hearing the sound but if there is any more information I can give please let me know.
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