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1 06+ Ballast + 2 Igniters

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Cleaning out and getting rid of extra parts I have laying around. Their all tested and are in great condition. Easiest way to contact is by phone/text 954-864-7319

Ballast - $75 shipped + PayPal fees
Igniters - $50 each shipped + PayPal fees

1 igniter sold and one more left including ballast

If you want to buy everything from me I will sell it all for only $130 shipped + PayPal fees.

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evening bump
One igniter sold
Tea Baggin Thursday Bump :)
monday bump
this is random. i need help.

how do you know when i need a new ignitor?

because when i try my new bulb and try to lock it, it doesnt lock right and when i turn it on it doesnt turn on the bulb.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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