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2006 TSX 5AT (Build date ??/06 - I'll confirm later)
Purchased used w/ 10k in Dec '06
90% HWY/10% CITY Driving

NOTE: I DO NOT own this car, it is a friend's daily-driver.

NOTE: All other services were performed according to the MM. Bulk Quaker 5w-20 was used until 110k w/ Honda Honeywell (-A02) filter. Since then, I've used 5w-30 Mobil 1 w/ Honda Filtech (-A01) filter.

40k (Oct '08) - PS Rack replaced due to seal failure and leaking PS fluid into inner tie-rod boot (Warranty repair)
45k (Mar '09) - AC Compressor replaced after it failed internally and contaminated the system w/ debris (Warranty repair)
55k (Oct '09) - Inner tie-rod replaced (Warranty repair) *This is interesting since the whole rack was already replaced

60k (Dec '09) - (1) ATF D&R according to the records (unknown amount of fluid used)
90k (July '11) - (1) ATF D&R according to the records (4 qts listed on invoice)

120k MAINTENANCE (Feb '13)
NOTE: Coolant was also replaced; front brake pads were replaced for the 1st time. Rear pads were replaced @ 70k.

1st ATF D&R w/ drain plug (slight build-up)

2nd ATF D&R (3rd D&R coming at next oil change)

Spark plugs #1-4 (I cleaned these and put them back in; I'll replace them when I adjust the valves this summer)

Checking ATF flow direction while cranking engine over

NEW Magnefine Filter (3/8")

LH Compliance bushing

RH Compliance bushing

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