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17x9 +30 Tire Size?

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Just picked up some wheels, trying to get some opinions on a tire size.

Car is currently on F&F's-

Picture was the first day I installed the suspension, before getting a rear camber kit and a alignment. I don't want the car as low as the picture, but somewhat close.
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That is too low of a profile(40). Only reason why Element360 can get away with 40 profile is cause of the 255 width. So you got a wheel 2 inches wider than stock but want to run a tire one size thinner than stock :scratch:

I think 225/45/17 is the way to go if you want some stretch. Like Bryant said all depends on what you are going for. Hard to recommend without knowing your intentions.
'Looking good' is subjective. I only recommended what I thought would be safe for OP.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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