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Igght people my C5's are for sale...i give tha rims a 8/10 on the condition. im the 2nd owner but tha 1st owner took pretty good care of them and i did also. on 1 or 2 rims lyke theres a part on the lip that pelled (common problem on EVO rims) its prob. lyke 1/2" long, not that noticeable since its silver of the wheels has some touch up paint on one spoke, don't ask me how (not that noticeable also) i got em like that. and the center caps look kindda faded (but comes with ALL 4caps and dish's w/key)..anyhow these rims still look good. there is NO curbing at all and overall in great condition...the rims come with Toyo proxe FZ4 tires. (225/35/19 front, 235/35/19 rear) tires. 2 tires got around 50% left to them, the other 2 got around 80%. bolt pattern is 5x114.3 and 4x114.3 offset is lyke in the 40-'s (45? 47?)...iuno the number.. i need to sell these rims ASAP, im asking $1,600 (retails for $2,000). the price is FIRM so please dont lowball trying to get rid of them by this weekend/next week. I HAVE NO TIME TO SHIP THESE, cuz i need the money by NEXT week *So that means S.kali people only...

here are some pics...

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