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Since my 2006 TSX will potentially be seing temperatures up to -40 C this winter, I wanted to get a block heater installed in my car, so I looked online and nothing was specifically made for the 1st gen tsx, so I called the Acura dealer and they told me that this part is discontinued. :(

Since all hondas have the same hole in the block for the block heater since 1996, I thought going with another honda kit will be fine since they all look the same, so I brought an OEM 8th gen civic SI kit off Marketplace.

Everything fit, exept that when I starting putting coolant back in and everything leaked out lol.

This is when I noticed that I'm missing a coolant plug that doesent come with the civic si's kit.

Called the dealer aigain and they told me that its also discontinued.

From my reasearch there is two ways to solve the situation:
You can install an RSX type s oil cooler with the RSX type s water pump and all the lines, thus using this coolant port to run it.
Or you can do like I did and buy this coolant port plug from K tuner : KDT-OIL-100 Its gonna look like this : This is the block heater it self for reference, its not in all the way tho : I put some teflon tape on the threads to make sure it seals, its torqued to 44 lbs-pd.
Also, removing the right front wheel makes the install much easier.
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