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2 iSimple Questions

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Hey folks,

I just came back from installing my iSimple. It works as advertised, very easy to install the iSimple itself, not very easy to open the console to run the cable but it worked out.

I have two questions now:

1- On the display next to the clock, does it really just show the song title, artist, and then goes back to XM1 001 ? I've tried changing the Mode but it only allows me to use either of the top ones, not the name or artist if I'm looking at the Navi screen. When I change songs, it displays again the title and the artist very quick but goes back to XM1 001.

2- When I turn the car off, I see that the song pauses and the iPod goes to stand-by after a minute or so but the screen keeps saying 'Charged' which means it's still getting energy. I don't think it's wise to leave it in the car in that state, right? Is there a way to change this? I'd rather not have to touch my iPod at all, I wanted to turn the car off, it goes off, I come back, turn the car on and the iPod starts playing again.

I appreciate if anyone knows the answer to these questions. If not, I'll try asking Tony from Peripheral if he knows.

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1) I don't have navi but my car doesn't do that. It will show it when the car starts and then connect to the iPod and then just go to the artist, title and then back to whichever setting it's my case title of the song, but it doesn't go back to that XM 001 screen so you may want to ask Tony regarding that.

2) It stays charging it for a set amount of time after you turn off the car. It will turn off eventually but it stays in there charging for a bit after you turn off the car. You can't undo it that I know of since it's supposed to keep charging it when you turn off the car incase the battery isn't fully charged. The computer works the same way when you connect the iPod to sync it with iTunes since it will keep charging it regardless if it is or isn't charged. I don't imagine it is the biggest issue to the iPod as ppl make it out to be but it isn't officially good for the battery to continue charging after it's fully charged.
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1) Well for me I just push the display/change button and it works between changing between artist or song. It is the same button you push for the display to change the information for XM. Not sure where/which one that is for the navi cars.

2) It stays charging for an additional 20 mins I think...not too sure on the time but I think it's 20. I use mine in the car and then listen to in my office at work so for me it works out good but not too sure on the overall time it stays on. I don't think it will kill your battery or anything but you can take it out every now and then from charging since I don't think you can turn that off as an option.
Yeah, Navi cars have a button that says Mode but only only changes between Category and Channel. The Artist and Title ones can't be selected. Even without the iSimple, XM worked liked this :(

I left it there for 1hr this weekend and it kept saying 'Charged' on the screen. I emailed Tony just in case there's a way to change that on the dip switches or something. It could be something related to my really old iPod too (1st gen Nano).
Hm that's weird as mine changed btwn the station, artist or song title on XM. With the iSimple it does the artist or song name option. Guess it's just a difference but I thought it woulda been the same.

Mine def doesn't charge for that long as I have taken mine out like 30 mins after turning off my car and the ipod is off by this time so maybe it is a difference in ipod year but couldn't imagine that really being it. I have a 6th gen classic I think, I don't remem...too many damn versions/generations of these things lol.
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