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I'm looking to sell my 2000 GS300 Platinum Edition. It has 144k miles. I bought it about a year ago with 139k miles so you can tell i barely drove this car. I'm looking to go a different route so i'm looking to sell this. I'm in not hurry to sell this so please don't low ball me. I'm not looking to part anything out at this moment unless i have a buyer for the car and they don't want certain thigs then i'll start parting things out. Registration is current and up to date. My asking price is $18,500 obo.

I'll even consider trading for a TSX and cash on your end depending on the condition and mods on it. This is a testing water/trade thread. LMK what you have.

Here are the list of mods. I'm located in San Diego, Ca.

Mods List:
-Admiration full lip kit
-Junction Produce curtains
-Junction Produce (Rep) 3 piece wing
-Junction Produce (Rep) roof spoiler
-Junction Produce Fusa
-Junction Produce Tsuna
-19x9.5 +23 front and 19x10.5 +24 rear Junction produce Scaras
-Complete Airrunner suspension kit
-5zigen Fireball Exhaust system
-Factory OEM navigation
-Factory OEM HID headlights
-OEM 01+ taillights
-OEM 01+ SE grille (black Chrome)
-Factory Heated Seats
-Chrome Trunk Bar
-Chrome Door Handles
-Window visors
-Wood Grain Steering wheel


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That's a beautiful GS! Good Luck with your sale! :thumbsup:

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Damn, I wish you were closer, I'd seriously consider trading my TSX, although I would have to ask for cash on your end.
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