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Uh, thanks. Yeah, I already downloaded that, but what about all the stuff from OP? All this stuff that's linked on the very first post:

09/24/06 All PDF Relinked to new hosting site

TSX General Info

Schedule Maintenance

General DIY Lubes


Brake System - Service, Troubleshooting, etc.
Brake Rotor Removal - Front
Brake Rotor Removal - Rear

Intake Manifold - Good for Hondata gasket




Power Steering Fluid

HID Headlight & Misc Other Bulb Replacement

Suspension 1
Suspension 2

Timing Chain Tensioner Inspection

Charging System (Drive Belt and Pulleys Replacement)

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PM your email to me. I have the 04 service manual and 06+ specific manual (that has 04-05 in it as well). It's a big file, I'll see what I can do.

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61 - 80 of 98 Posts
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