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2004 Accord Euro S restoration

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Long time lurker, but just purchased another CL9 so thought i would make myself known.

Im from New Zealand, land of all the Jap imports, and in this case, the AUDM (Australia) Accord Euro.

I have previously owned a gorgeous Mugen rep kitted auto CL9, but sadly times got tough and i needed to sell it for the money.

But then a couple of months down the track, i have now picked up a new toy, Introducing, Gru. 2004 Honda Accord Euro S 2.4 6MT. 268,000km. Graphite Pearl.

Needs a lot of work, so i got it for a good price. Clutch has failed, car will creep when its in gear with your foot on the clutch and changing gear is very hard unless you rev match. Front and rear bumpers have taken a knock, so both need to be removed and refitted correctly. Front lip is hammered, will remove it and try to fix and respray myself. failing that ill get a Mugen style lip. Interior is OK, was very dirty but has been cleaned, needs more of a clean. Aircon doesnt work, gas seems to be gone bye bye.

The body is straight other than the bumpers. Will need to polish the headlights too as they are foggy.

Engine runs great, will give it a service. All electrics work except for the drivers door lock which doesnt lock or unlock with the central locking (remote or button). Have to use the key for now.

Seller was a (*&^$*%, and getting the car was an absolute mission. Should have given up long ago when it got too hard, but i persisted and now own it. Love the 6 speed box

Pics from the listing.

But the best bit, which is quite rare here (and the reason i took this project on)

So long story short it needs,

A new clutch
Both bumpers removed and refitted
Front lip removed, dent fixed and repainted
Front RH guard straightened slightly
Headlights polished
New boot lining
AC regassed

Its book in to get the clutch replaced in a couple of days, so that should actually make the car drivable again.
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The rear lip (the whole kit really, front, rear and skirts) are all part of the OEM Sport kit.
Dropped the Accord in to get the clutch replaced. Should have new clutch and the ability to drive properly early next week.
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