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Hello all,

I’ve tried looking through all the posted here but didn’t see anything that applied to my situation.
So I have a problem. I have a 2004 Acura my wife has driven, hard and put away wet for about ten years. I’m not exactly sure if the headlights went through the recall or not on them. But I was wondering if there was any kinda of potential solution for my problem.
The car has been in a t bone collision ( lady pulled across three lanes of traffic, couldn’t see oncoming). Also most of the plastic adjust pieces and what are brittle and disintegrating. I can get the high berms to run (abet crooked as hell) but not the low beams. I had also bought ALL replacement pieces such as igniters, bulbs, etc. So with the sub frame of the bumper bent like crazy, the headlights not being able to adjust, and not being able to get the low beams working, do you see any solution? Perhaps a rigged up swap from any make/ model? Or even a battery powered generic set of headlights. Really need to be able to drive for next year at least, mornings are kinda squirrely.
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