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2004 TSX AC Replacement Desiccant Bag Issues

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About a month ago, my air conditioner in my 2004 TSX began working intermittently and the compressor started making some racket. I've done the research on the probability of black death and decided to catch it before the compressor grenades and I'm stuck replacing all of the components.

I ordered a compressor, expansion valve and desiccant bag from rock auto. The compressor looks as though it'll work, the expansion valve differs slightly from OEM as well, but fit. The desiccant bag is another story. The one I bought from rock auto was far too big and the aftermarket replacements around town have also been too big. I've even tried other makes/models that use the replaceable i.e. MDX, newer TL and newer CR-V, to no avail. The only route I haven't gone is OEM and my reasoning behind that is that it's four times the price and it's not in stock so I'd have to pay for it to order it, and then I'm stuck with it if it doesn't fit.

Has anyone else had this problem upon replacing the desiccant bag? If so, where do I buy one that fits? Any help regarding the matter would be much appreciated.

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