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I have several miscellaneous parts that I pulled off my 2004 TSX over seven years ago. They have been sitting in storage since; besides the catalytic converter, all parts are new and still in original packaging!

2004 Acura TSX Fastline Performance catalytic converter
Manual Transmission

Ask: $149
Handwriting Cylinder Gas Post-it note Pipe

Handwriting Cylinder Gas Metal Road surface

Hondata Heatsheild &
Stone Valve Cover Gasket for K24

Ask: $29 for both!
Handwriting Road surface Rectangle Font Public space

JS Racing Roll Center Adjuster: New in Box

Ask: $149

J'S RACING FF CL7 rollcenter adjuster - J'S RACING USA
Handwriting Rectangle Font Post-it note Writing

Handwriting Black Rectangle Font Gas

Handwriting White Font Gas Rectangle

Handwriting Product Black Font Rectangle


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Howdy! I'm interested in the cat, I just came back from vacation to find that mine (2005 TSX) had been stolen 馃檭

The shop quoted me $360 for a new cat before labor. Not the worst, but figured I'd check online first. Can you tell me if this cat will require welding or if it will bolt on?

Also mine's an automatic, not sure if that matters. Thanks!

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Damn, someone should grab those roll centre adjusters! I'm not sure what it's like in the US but in the UK we've got CL9s popping lower ball joints left right and centre now
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