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2004 Tsx

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I’m looking for a tune for my 2004 tsx 5speed auto, specifically looking for pops and burble
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We can do all kind of N/A tuning on Honda and Acura. We cracked there original ecu, so we have access to almost all important maps for custom tuning. We did over 1000 of Cl9, CL7 etc... so any kind of tuning on stock ecu we can do. We are based in Europe, so any E-tuning is available, dyno or road tune :)

We can change:
  • injector dead times
  • custom DBW maps
  • low and high fuel and ignition maps
  • low and high VTC maps
  • custom VTEC point
  • rev limit
  • vtec modified by pressure
  • we can implant 50° vtc
  • pop and bangs
  • hardcut rev limit
  • immo off for swap
  • automatic gearbox reflash
etc. etc. etc. :)

And all that on stock ecu, without hondata, ktuner etc.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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