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Whats up Guys,

Im pretty sure im posting this in the right area lol sorry if i didn't.

Now introduction to my car I bought this car october of 2012 for $8k and it had 184,000 miles on it and now it has 192,000 in July of 2013.. I know i most likely should have tried to drop him in price but it was the nly car at the time that i saw i liked and I heard that Acura/Hondas last forever.. know after having the car for a half a year or so im looking to do some mods on it... it came with a KN air filter and thats about it from what i have seen. Just wanted to know what you guys think from what i have read on here probably wouldn't want to dump a bunch of money into it to get it to go fast cause it seems like the TSX wasnt built to go fast.. Nice to meet everyone and be blunt but helpful loll and looking to hear what you guys have to say.
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